Urology Consultants Victoria


Our urologists

¤Mr Yee Chan

¤A/Prof Laurence Harewood

¤Mr Joseph Ischia

¤A/Prof Nathan Lawrentschuk

¤Prof Shomik Sengupta

¤Mr Andrew Troy

¤A/Prof David Webb

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About Us

We are a urology practice based in the Freemason's Medical Centre (Suites 102-103 at 320 Victoria Parade), East Melbourne. We provide urology services, including consultation and surgery, covering all regions of Melbourne.

Our urologists have expertise in the treatment of diseases of the urinary and male genital systems. This includes cancers, stones and infections affecting the kidneys, bladder, prostate and testicles.

Our Urologists are:

Our specialist Urology Nurse is another vital member of the team, and helps patients with various aspects of their urologic care.

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